May 9, 2005

MNR proposes Biodiversity Strategy

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has released a draft provincial Biodiversity Strategy, titled "Protecting What Sustains Us," for public comment. The document is the result of a consultation process initiated by the government in October 2004 and in which more than 200 representatives of industry, environmental, aboriginal and other groups, as well as other levels of government, have participated. A highlight of the consultation process was an on-line workbook made available to obtain ideas from the public on the biodiversity strategy.

At the heart of the draft strategy document is a five-year action plan for addressing Ontario's biodiversity challenge between 2005 and 2010. Supporting information includes a rationale for the strategy, a description of threats to Ontario's biodiversity, goals and principles relating to biodiversity, and an outline of opportunities for doing more to preserve and enhance biodiversity. The proposed action plan is followed by an agenda for implementation. Comments on the draft strategy document are due by May 25, 2005.

Registry reference No PB05E6011.

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