June 6, 2005


BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. (TSX-V:BQE) is pleased to report that its plant located at the Raglan Mine in Northern Quebec has started to discharge treated water, more than 2 months earlier than last year. Falconbridge, the owner and operator of the Raglan Mine, requested an early start to water treatment operations this year to ensure a longer treatment season in order to handle higher expected water flow. BioteQ is paid treatment fees based on the quantity of water treated. The Raglan water treatment plant was built by BioteQ in 2003 and started last year. The plant is designed to recover nickel from mine wastewater, for shipment with other nickel concentrate products produced at the site by Falconbridge, and produce a discharge quality treated water which is released to the environment. In 2004 the plant was started in late June and then began discharging treated water in mid-August. BioteQ's personnel reported to the site early this year to advance the startup for the 2005 treatment season, which is expected to continue until the end of October. Discharge of treated water started at Raglan on May 20 this year. The BioteQ plant is a unique nickel treatment process to selectively recover nickel from low grade wastewater, produce a discharge quality treated water that can be released directly into a pristine environment, such as the Canadian arctic, and does not produce any by-product sludge for long term storage. Patent application is in progress for the BioteQ process that was developed between 2001 and 2003 for the Raglan site, and other nickel-bearing waste streams.

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