March 21, 2005

Quebec firms fined $33K for violating environmental laws

Five Quebec companies have recently been fined a total of $33,000 for violations of various sections of the provincial Environment Quality Act and the agricultural pollution reduction regulation.

A Mont-Tremblant company, Claude Forget, was fined $7,000 plus court costs after being found guilty of contravening section 22 of the act. In March 2002, the company failed to obtain a certificate of authorization before carrying out the construction or use of an industrial process, exercising an activity or producing a service or product, as required under the act.

A Montreal-based firm, 2818396 Canada (Le Groupe Ultrapac), pleaded guilty to an infraction of the act committed by its operation in Boisbriand, in the Laurentides region. In January 2004, the company failed to comply with a condition of its certificate of authorization relating to the discharge of effluent into the municipal sewer system, in violation of section 123.1 of the act. A fine of $5,000 was levied, plus court costs.

Saguenay Sawmills was found guilty of violating section 20 of the act in connection with emitting excessive noise from its industrial activities, posing a risk to human health, well-being and comfort. The Chicoutimi district court levied a fine of $8,000 for the offence, which occurred in March 2000.

Another company in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, AJM Garage, was fined a total of $7,000 for two violations of section 66 of the act. In December 2002, the company deposited scrap tires at a location other than that authorized for their storage, treatment or disposal. At the same time, the company also failed to take the necessary measures to ensure that these materials were stored, treated or disposed of at an authorized location. Fines of $3,500 were levied for each offence.

Finally, Ferme Gèrard Renaud, an agricultural operation in Mirabel, in the Laurentides region, was found guilty of six violations of section 70 of the agricultural pollution reduction regulation and fined $1,000 for each, for a total of $6,000, plus court costs. Between August 2001 and June 2002, the company: operated a breeding facility for game birds (e.g turkey, pheasant, quail) without first obtaining the required authorization; operated a breeding facility for cattle, sheep or goats without first obtaining the required authorization; and erected a breeding facility for these animals without the required permit.

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