November 8, 2004

TPC invests $1.5M in development of systems for advanced marine monitoring

SYDNEY, BC-AXYS Technologies, based in Sydney, BC has received a $1.5-million investment from Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) in support of a $4.8-million project being undertaken by AXYS to develop technologies for enhanced real-time monitoring of the ocean environment. The project involves the development by AXYS of a range of component, sub-system and system capabilities designed to support underwater marine data networks (MDNs). MDNs generate and transfer data from underwater sensors to offshore or onshore platforms for processing and interpretation. This technology will provide advanced warning of severe weather phenomena and will improve navigation and safety at sea. Benefits include reduced ship fuel consumption and enhanced ability to detect and track oil spills and ships discharging pollutants into the sea. The project will also position AXYS for non-marine applications of MDNs, such as management of hazardous waste disposal sites and air quality monitoring.
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