November 22, 2004

Pesticide rate increase will support programs for environmentally sound use, disposal

WINNIPEG, MAN-Manitoba Conservation Minister Stan Struthers recently announced an increase in pesticide use permit rates, effective January 1, 2005. This is the first change in the rates since 1996, and reflects the cost of operating the permit program, which has risen steadily since that time. "The new rate of $250, up from $100, will help recover the increases in costs and will enable the department to continue to ensure that pesticides are used safely and appropriately and are applied in an environmentally sustainable manner," said Struthers. The new rate will also help support initiatives such as:

* Manitoba's Clean Farm Program, promoting the collection and proper disposal of obsolete farm chemicals, including pesticides;

* review and updating of the conditions applied through the permits;

* participation in the federal pesticide registration process to ensure pesticides are safe and environmentally acceptable;

* continued provision of instruction on pesticide use to ensure proper application, as well as implementation of a code of practice for golf courses in pesticide application; and

* continued inspection of municipal collection sites used for farm chemical containers.

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