November 22, 2004

Firm chosen to build treatment plant for contaminated water from Britannia mine cleanup

VANCOUVER, BC-Further progress is being made on the Britannia mine cleanup with the selection of Epcor Water Services as the preferred proponent to design, build, finance and operate a treatment plant to handle contaminated water from the cleanup site. Partnerships British Columbia will begin negotiations with Epcor for a long-term contract. In addition to addressing financing and performance measures, the contract will provide greater overall accountability for this phase of the cleanup project, including all environmental regulatory requirements. Over the past two years, remedial work has focused on capturing and redirecting surface runoff and contaminated groundwater, removal and placement of contaminated soils, and construction of an access road for the the planned water treatment plant. Completion of this work has enabled new housing to be built on the site. As a result of the latest partnership, "one of the worst sources of contamination will be cleaned up leading the way for a cleaner environment and opening the door for more economic opportunities," said Sustainable Resource Management Minister George Abbott.
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