October 18-25, 2004

Dofasco steel for construction products granted EcoLogo certification

Dofasco steel for construction products has been certified to Environment Canada's Environmental Choice(r) Program and will carry the EcoLogo(r) symbol. This makes Dofasco the first steel company to be certified to the program standard for steel for construction products standard and the first steel company to earn the right to use the EcoLogo symbol. Under the logo will appear the statement: "Dofasco Steel Certified by Environment Canada's Environmental Choice(r) Program."

Dofasco's construction steel (galvanized and Galvalume(tm)) is used in products such as light steel framing, decking and cladding for residential and commercial construction. Residential homeowners also use light steel framing for smaller projects, such as basements, additions or renovations.

The EcoLogo and criteria statement assure consumers that the manufacturing process and product meet a defined standard. In Dofasco's case, the company's steel for construction applications is certified to meet:

*A minimum of 50% total recycled content;

*A minimum 15% post-consumer content (i.e. material generated by household, commercial, industrial or institutional facilities, which may include appliances, automobiles, steel cans and steel construction materials.)

The Environmental Choice program standard also stipulates that the manufacture of Dofasco's steel for construction uses must meet stringent energy consumption requirements, and that Dofasco must have a sound environmental management system and adhere to sound environmental management practices at its production facilities.

Brian Aranha, Dofasco's vice-president, commercial, said receiving the EcoLogo certification, a highly regarded third-party verification, "is consistent with Dofasco's commitment to the principles of sustainability. We are pleased that Dofasco can now provide increased value to our customers with the assurance that the Dofasco steel used in their construction products meets a demanding environmental standard," he added.

TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, an independent organization which administers the program on behalf of Environment Canada, will monitor Dofasco through plant visits and examination of production records to ensure the company continues to meet certification requirements.

More information is available from Ian Hamilton at Dofasco, 905/548-7200, ext 3105, or Carolyn Miyazaki at TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, 1-800-478-0399, ext. 230.

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