October 4, 2004

Deadline extended for EA decision on BC resort project

VICTORIA, BC-The deadline for a decision on an application for environmental assessment (EA) certification for the proposed Jumbo Glacier resort project in British Columbia has been extended by 31 days, to October 18, 2004. The extension was granted by Sustainable Resource Management Minister George Abbott who, along with Water, Land and Air Protection Minister Bill Barisoff and Small Business and Economic Development Minister John Les, is responsible for the final decision. The proposal is for a year-round alpine ski resort in the upper Jumbo Creek valley, appproximately 55 kilometres waste of Invermere. BC's Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) submitted its assessment report on the proposal to the ministers in early August and provided additional information three weeks later concerning potential impacts of the project on RK Heli-Ski Panorama, a local heli-ski operator. The extension will allow the ministers to consider the supplemental information. Once their decision is made, the EAO's assessment report, recommendations and reasons for decision will be made public.
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