October 18-25, 2004

Large GHG emitters in Alberta to begin reporting releases

EDMONTON, ALTA-Effective November 1, Alberta facilities releasing 100,000 tonnes or more per year of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will be required to report these emissions under the province's Climate Change and Emissions Management Act. Cement facilities, large gas plants, coal-fired electricity facilities and other large GHG emitters will now measure and report their emissions according to standardized reporting protocols based on existing industry guidelines and practices. Alberta Environment has spent nearly two years consulting with industry on the development of the technical elements for the reporting program, and says that major industry groups support Alberta's approach. Work is also under way on a single, national reporting system that meets the needs of Alberta, the federal government and other jurisdictions and stakeholders across Canada. The GHG reporting program was initially outlined in Alberta's climate change plan, Albertans and Climate Change: Taking Action, published in October 2002. The groundwork for the program was subsequently set out in the Climate Change and Emissions Management Act. The first reports are required by November 15, 2004, based on 2003 emissions. "You can only manage what you measure, so this is an important first step in managing our emissions," said Environment Minister Lorne Taylor. "This reporting program also better positions us to work with the federal government, other provinces and key stakeholders to build a truly national, made-in-Canada climate change program."
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