November 15, 2004

Computer data firms merge to offer recycling services

MONTREAL, QUE-Ecosys Canada and Rider Computer Services have joined forces to form the first integrated Canada-wide service for technology change management, recovery and recycling. Ecosys has been operating in Montreal since 1996, providing technology change management services such as data erasing, repairs, upgrading, redeployment, remarketing, parts recovery and recycling of computer systems and accessories. Rider operates warehousing and servicing facilities in its Vancouver headquarters as well as in Calgary and Toronto. Both companies will continue to work with Ecosys Canada's American partner, Redemtech, a U.S. firm specializing in technology change management, recovery, refurbishing, reuse, and recycling. "The nature of our business means that our clients depend on us to dispose of highly confidential data housed in their IT systems," said Ecosys president Guy Messier. "By providing a uniform and global service network, we are able to ensure the complete security of their data and proper environmental disposal along with certified compliance reporting." The companies' services are designed to meet the needs of businesses which use a large number of computers, such as financial and health institutions, transportation and insurance companies, as well as computer leasing companies, computer service and repair companies, and resellers.
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