March 21, 2005

3Ci to add third wind farm project in Gaspe region

A Quebec wind energy developer, 3Ci, has announced plans to build a third wind farm at Murdochville, in the province's Gasp├Ęsie-Iles-de-la-Madeleine region. The 54-megawatt (MW) project represents a private-sector investment of $90 million and, together with two other projects in the area being built by 3Ci and its partners, will constitute the largest wind energy development in Canada, with a total of 162MW. In addition, the Murdochville complex will prevent the emission of 110,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

Two other wind farms in the region have been under construction since December 2003: the Mount Miller and Mount Copper wind energy developments each comprise 30 wind turbines generating 54M of electricity; they are expected to begin commercial operation this spring. Investment in these projects totals $180 million.

These new wind farms have also been developed with support from the federal government's Wind Power Production Incentive (WPPI), which will contribute more than $36.5 million to the two projects over the next ten years. The WPPI is administered by Natural Recources Canada (NRCan).

The 108MW of wind energy produced by the 60 turbines at the Mount Miller and Mount Copper wind farms will increase Canada's total wind-power generation capacity by nearly 25%, from 444 to more than 550MW. The WPPI has facilitated the development of almost 60% of that capacity.

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