March 21, 2005

Canada signs on with partnerships aimed at energy efficiency, GHG emission reduction

LONDON, UK-Canada has joined both the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and the Methane to Markets Partnership at the G8 Energy and Environment Ministerial Roundtable. The goal of REEEP is to accelerate and expand the global market for renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. It helps the governments of developing countries create regulatory policy frameworks which integrate renewables into the energy mix. The partnership also helps these nations establish investment climates favourable to the development and use of renewable energy. Additionally, REEEP provides assistance in creating sustainable energy funds and financing models. For its part, the Methane to Markets partnership aims to enhance international co-operation to advance the recovery and use of methane to improve energy security, economic growth, air quality and industrial safety. In so doing, it also seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world, focusing on the development of strategies and markets, implementation of frameworks for action, and the removal of barriers to the design of collaborative projects between countries. Federal Environment Minister St├Ęphane Dion and Natural Resources Canada Minister John Efford jointly announced Canada's membership in these organizations. "Joining these partnerships will...increase opportunities for our businesses and researchers involved in creating and commercializing clean energy technologies and practices in pursuit of a healthier global environment for Canada and the world," said Dion. Efford pointed out that "Canada is becoming a renewable energy leader and joining these partnerships will further speed our global emergence."

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