February 28, 2005

EWI completes wastewater system commissioning for U.S. Agriculture Dept

AJAX, ONT-Environmental Waste International recently completed commissioning of its FS6000 wastewater sterilization system at a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) biological quarantine facility in Maryland. The installation, followed by tests to confirm that the system meets all performance criteria, represents the first commercial application of EWI's technology. At the Maryland facility, the USDA studies various plant diseases; all of the high-containment greenhouse effluent is sterilized by the FS-6000 before leaving the facility. The FS-6000 processes 2,000 U.S. gallons per shift, and is slated to operate one shift per day. In addition to the equipment order, the USDA awarded EWI a five-year contract for maintenance of the system and has asked the company to quote on a contract for continuous monitoring of the system, including analysis and compilation of monthly reports. More information is available from EWI president Dr Stephen Simms, 905/686-8689 or on the EWI Web site, www.ewmc.com.

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