February 21, 2005

FASC files for patent in Japan for its waste processing technology

VANCOUVER, BC-First American Scientific Corp (FASC), in collaboration with Mitsui Engineering and Shipbuilding, has filed a patent application in Japan for its KDS Micronex system, a one-step process for drying and grinding waste biomass into a fine dry combustible fuel. This is designed to protect FASC's core technology and is expected to facilitate the introduction of the company's equipment into the Japanese market. FASC and Mitsui, along with several other interested parties including EMSI (Japan) have been working together to evaluate the business opportunities and develop a marketing strategy for the KDS System in Japan. David Dungate, FASC's vice-president of marketing, noted that "significant costs of waste disposal and recently introduced legislation requiring the recycling of food and industrial wastes make Japan a high potential market for the KDS technology. The de-watering of waste biomass and other sludges can create a fine dry green fuel source that will achieve significant energy savings and, in some operations, can eliminate disposal costs." More information is available from FASC chairman C Kantonen, toll-free 1-800-561-8656, Web site www.fasc.net.

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