February 14, 2005

Contractor fined, ordered to remove illegally disposed material

FREDERICTON, NB-Dutchman Contracting, a Grand Manan Island construction company, was fined $2,000 and ordered to remove illegally disposed materials after pleading guilty to violating the Clean Environment Act by releasing a contaminant or waste into or upon the environment that would or could affect the natural, physical, chemical or biological quality or constitution of the environment. In September 2003, the company was doing some in-filling work for Fundy Lobsters on Ross Island, as part of land reclamation. The area being in-filled was within 30 metres of a wetland recognized as supporting aquatic life. It was found that Dutchman was using material such as automobile parts, white goods, metals, construction and demolition materials as the fill. This material had either been diverted from the transfer station in Grand Manan or taken from the transfer station. Fisheries officers estimated that more than 20 truckloads of this type of material were dumped at the Fundy Lobster site before they halted the activity. Dutcheman was charged in November 2004 and after pleading guilty was ordered by environment inspectors to remove all of the material and dispose of the material properly; the company did so. A charge against Fundy Lobsters under the Clean Water Act relating to this same incident was withdrawn by the Crown prosecutor.

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