February 14, 2005

Ottawa to maintain year-round staff on Sable Island

OTTAWA, ONT-The federal government will maintain a year-round human presence on Sable Island and will directly manage the island's weather station. The decision to reassume the management and operation of the Sable Island station responds to the Sable Island Preservation Trust's assertions that the island's infrastructure is best managed by the federal government, leaving the group to focus its energies on the vital tasks of public education, research, and conservation. Federal Environment Minister StÈphane Dion, who announced the decision along with Fisheries and Oceans Minister Geoff Regan, said, "The federal government, along with the province of Nova Scotia, agree that it is in the best interests of Canadians to ensure that Sable Island, with its special history and unique scientific and ecological value, is preserved for generations to come. We believe the best way to achieve this is by maintaining a human presence on the island."

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