March 7, 2005

Esso targets car wash line-ups for anti-idling campaign

TORONTO, ONT-Esso is launching an information campaign in the Greater Toronto Area to encourage its car wash customers to cut down on idling while in line so as to reduce smog-forming emissions that build up as a result of idling. "In late winter and early spring, when the roads are particularly messy, our car wash line-ups are very long and people tend to idle while waiting," said Tanya Vetter, Esso's national car wash manager. "The goal of this campaign is to encourage customers to turn off their engines in line, particularly now that the weather is warming up." Canadian drivers idle their cars for an average of five to ten minutes a day and car wash line-ups, in particular, are obvious venues for idling. Statistics from Natural Resources Canada indicate that if Canadians avoided idling their cars for just five minutes every day for a year, it would prevent the release of more than one million tonnes of carbon dioxide and other toxic substances into the atmosphere. If every driver of a car or light truck reduced idling time by just five minutes a day, fuel and dollar savings would amount to 1.6 million litres of gasoline and more than $1 million each day. More information on reducing idling or launching local anti-idling campaigns is available from NRCan at 1-800-387-2000 or on its Office of Energy Efficiency Web site,

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