March 7, 2005

MOE revises, finalizes protocols for updating certificates of approval

TORONTO, ONT-The Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) has finalized a series of protocols for updating certificates of approval (C of As) for sewage works, water works, air emissions and waste management. The protocols are operational tools for promoting consistency and fostering continuous improvement in the process of updating C of As so that these approvals keep pace with evolving environmental protection requirements. Each document in the series describes the common updating process used for all types of C of A and outlines the specific requirements applicable to each of the environmental media. Since the draft protocols were first posted for comment in June and July 2002, they have been revised both to incorporate comments received and to reflect new legislative and regulatory initiatives such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 and the drinking water systems regulation (O Reg 170/03, as originally filed in 2002 and amended in 2003). The protocols may be viewed on the MOE Web site, (also 5017e.pdf, 5018e.pdf and 5019e.pdf)

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