March 7, 2005

Alberta EUB approves Suntec facility for treating, recycling oilfield wastewater

CALGARY, ALTA-Having received a second approval from the Alberta Energy Utilities Board (EUB) for its oilfield wastewater treatment and recycling facility in Wheatland County, Alberta, Suntec Pure Water Technologies can now begin commercial operation of the facility. The plant uses Suntec's proprietary Co-generative Heat and Integrated Power System (CHIPS) to treat and recycle wastewater while simultaneously producing electric power.This approval follows another EUB approval granted in 2004 permitting Suntec to generate electric power from the facility for sale into the Alberta grid. With both approvals in hand, the company, utilizing its This system involves using waste heat from the generating process to eliminate energy input costs in the water treatment and recycling process. Suntec will now begin treating and recycling oilfield wastewater in the 1,000 barrel-per-day-capacity facility. The treated and recycled water will then be sold and trucked to oil and gas industry operators for re-use in the oil and gas drilling and development process. Suntec's process also keeps this wastewater-treated and recycled-in the hydrological cycle rather than disposing of it by means of deep well injection, as has been standard procedure. More information is available from Suntec president and CEO Gene Moody, 403/294-1101.

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