January 17, 2005

Firms urged to use tax credit to curb organic waste odours

WINNIPEG, MAN-Manitoba Conservation Minister Stan Struthers is encouraging businesses to use a 10% odour control tax credit to purchase new equipment to prevent, reduce or eliminate odours from organic waste. "This is an incentive to help businesses including agricultural operators who are working to be good neighbours and stewards of our natural environment," said Struthers. The credit can be used for odour-reducing equipment purchased after April 19, 2004, and before 2007. Eligible quipment or purchases include sewage lagoon covers and seals, bio-filtering units, storage tanks and containers, and soil injectors. Equipment required to comply with environmental laws does not qualify for the tax credit. The credit, which was introduced in the 2004 budget, will be applied against Manitoba corporate income taxes paid each year. The credits can be earned in one year and applied against corporate income tax paid in the prior three years or the next ten years. More information is available on-line at www.gov.mb.ca/finance/fedprov/odour.html

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