January 24, 2005

Waste handling firm levied $4K fine for violating C of A terms, Reg 347 requirements

OTTAWA, ONT-Ecolocycle recently pleaded guilty to three charges relating to improper collection and transport of waste and was fined a total of $4,000 plus victim fine surcharges. The Quebec-based company is permitted, under a certificate of approval (C of A) from the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) to operate a waste management system, retrieving and recycling waste oil and glycol from businesses in Ontario and Quebec. In June 2004, MOE staff observed the driver from Ecolocycle pumping waste oil from a company tanker truck to a tanker trailer while parked in a hotel lot in Ottawa. This was a violation of the company's C of A, as the hotel parking lot was not an approved transfer site. MOE staff also found that a certificate verifying the driver's completion of required training under the Environmental Protection Act was not kept in the vehicle, which constituted a second breach of Ecolocycle's C of A. The firm was charged with two counts of failing to comply with conditions of its C of A, under Section 186(3) of the Act. A third charge was laid, under Section 16(1) of Ontario Regulation 347, when MOE staff observed that the Ecolocycle truck was not marked with the company's name and approval number as required under the regulation.
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