January 31, 2005

Nfld expands recycling programs as waste diversion plan component

A new curbside recycling program will start up in Corner Brook, Newfoundland on June 1, 2005, collecting paper and cardboard from the city's residents. The program will contribute to achieving the waste diversion goals of the provincial waste management strategy.

"This curbside recycling program will help us in our efforts to divert 50 per cent of waste from our landfills, as outlined in the provincial waste management strategy, while at the same time support economic and employment opportunities in the recycling industry," said Newfoundland and Labrador Minister of Environment and Conservation Tom Osborne.

The program is being implemented through a partnership involving the city, Scotia Recycling and Murphy Brothers, along with the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board which is providing funding assistance for the project's initial capital investment and will support the development of a public education campaign for the program.

In addition, the province is launching an office paper recycling initiative for the cities of St John 's and Mount Pearl and the towns of Paradise and Conception Bay South. Osborne said the new program will apply to industrial, commercial and institutional facilities in the four municipalities.

"Within a few weeks, I will bring in new provincial regulations that will require businesses and institutions in St. John's, Mount Pearl, Paradise and Conception Bay South to divert their office waste paper from the landfill at Robin Hood Bay," he said. "The regulations will require all businesses or institutions with 25 employees or greater to participate in the recycling program beginning September 1 of this year. All facilities with less than 25 employees will be required to participate in the program on March 1, 2006," Osborne added.

He noted that the program will likely be extended to other areas in the future. The Environment and Conservation Department will consult with affected businesses and facilities, providing advice as they prepare for implementation of the office paper recycling program. The MMSB will also support the initiative by working with the four municipalities and industry to develop an educational campaign for the program.

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