January 31, 2005

Air quality permit renewed for PCS Cassidy Lake facility

FREDERICTON, NB-The air quality operating approval for PCS Cassidy Lake's potash refinery will be renewed for a five-year term, effective February 28, 2005. The renewal follows a 120-day public review period from August through to mid-December, 2004. "I am satisfied with the facility's compliance performance over the period of their previous approval, and with the requirements contained in the renewal," said New Brunswick Environment and Local Government Minister Brenda Fowlie, in announcing the approval. PCS Cassidy Lake operates a potash refinery and related equipment, machinery, units and operations near Clover Hill, importing potash for processing, with an annual production of 250,000 tonnes per year of granular potash products. Over its 19-year operation history, the facility has been operated by Denison Potacan then by Potacan, and currently as PCS Cassidy Lake. (The acronym PCS refers to the parent company, the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan). The principal source of air emissions at the facility is particulate matter released from the fine and coarse product dryers. Both these dryers are equipped with wet scrubbers which serve to remove both particles and pollutant gases such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) from the industrial process exhaust streams. Most of the particulate is captured by the wet scrubbers, with the remainder exhausted through the stacks of the refinery. The particulate emission limit for all sources is 68.8 kg/hour. The average emission rate from all sources is 55 kg/hour. More information is available on-line at www.gnb.ca/0009/0355/0005/0005-e.html.

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