January 17, 2005

Queen's biologist wins top Canadian science prize

OTTAWA, ONT-Dr John Smoll, one of the world's foremost ecologists, was recently named winner of the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering for 2004. The award, created to honour the late Canadian Nobel laureate Gerhard Herzberg, comes with a guarantee of $1 million in research funding over the next five years from Science and Engineering Research Canada (more commonly known as NSERC). Dr Smol, holds the Canada Research Chair at Queen's University and has pioneered the reconstruction of past environments. His studies of ancient lakes have generated new knowledge about past and present environments, and about what climate change may mean for our future. Along with Dr Smol, finalists for the 2004 Herzberg Gold Medal included Dr AndrĂˆ Salama of the University of Toronto and Dr David Dolphin of the University of British Columbia. They have each received the NSERC Award of Excellence, as well as an additional $50,000 in research support.

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