January 31, 2005

Winnipeg, Calgary to install Trojan UV systems at their wastewater facilities

WINNIPEG, MAN-Winnipeg, Manitoba and Calgary, Alberta have both selected Trojan Technologies' ultraviolet (UV) disinfection equipment to treat their wastewater. before being released into nearby rivers and lakes. Winnipeg's North End water pollution control centre, which discharges treated municipal wastewater to the Red River, will install three TrojanUV4000(TM)Plus systems capable of treating up to 100 million gallons of wastewater each day. The city's South End water pollution control centre has had good success with its Trojan ultraviolet treatment system since installing it in 1999. Rapid population growth in Calgary over the past five years has required the construction of a new municipal wastewater treatment plant. The city will install a TrojanUV3000(TM)Plus UV disinfection system at its new Pine Creek facility to disinfect wastewater safely and efficiently before discharging it into the Bow River. Trojan's UV equipment is also installed at Calgary's Fish Creek treatment plant where it has been providing disinfection since 1997. Disinfection by UV technology enables treatment facilities to meet increasingly stringent environmental protection standards in an economically sound manner. As a non-chemical process, it eliminates the need to transport, handle or store toxic chemicals as well as the risk of hazardous leaks or spills to the environment or the neighbouring community. More information is available from Trojan Technologies president Marvin DeVries, 519/457-3400.

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