January 31, 2005

Canada, Saskatchewan to invest $76M in infrastructure projects

REGINA, SASK-Canada and Saskatchewan have signed an agreement to invest $76 million jointly in municipal infrastructure projects across the province over the next four years. Participating communities will be expected to contribute one-half of the cost of any project, raising the total infrastructure investment as high as $152 million. The new Canada-Saskatchewan Municipal Rural Infrastructure Agreement sets aside up to 20% of its resources for projects in Regina and Saskatoon, although all Saskatchewan municipalities may propose projects for funding. It provides $4 million for northern Saskatchewan communities. In addition, the new fund will direct 45% of its resources to "green" projects designed to result in cleaner air and water. Eligible projects include water and sewage treatment, solid waste, public transit, and energy improvements to municipal buildings. A project review committee consisting of federal and provincial representatives, along with representatives of the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities and the Saskatchewan Association of Northern Communities will decide which projects should be recommended for funding.

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