November 15, 2004

Testing reveals TCE levels exceeding drinking water limits

OTTAWA, ONT-Groundwater tests conducted by the Department of National Defence (DND) on provincial land crossing through the municipality of Shannon, Quebec have revealed levels of trichloroethylene (TCE) above the drinking water standard. The tests were part of an effort to find all sources of TCE contamination, whether from DND activities or other causes. Further work is now being undertaken to determine whether this contamination is affecting the drinking water of the surrounding area. Under an agreement between DND and Shannon reached last April, the department has provided $19 million to help the municipality develop a new water supply and connect homes to that supply. In support of the agreement, DND also committed to informing the appropriate authorities of any potential health and safety issues; its reporting of the TCE levels reflects that commitment. DND has notified officials at Environment Quebec, SantÈ Publique, QuÈbec, Transport QuÈbec (the property owner) and Health Canada, as well as the municipality of Shannon.
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