November 8, 2004

BC Hydro sets goal of no net incremental additional impacts

VANCOUVER, BC-The environmental cornerstone of BC Hydro's 15 new long-term goals will be no net additional impacts on the environment from its operations over the next 20 years. To help achieve its environmental goal, Hydro will commit to offset the net incremental impacts it has over the next twenty years. These offsets would occur in BC and could include greenhouse gas offsets, investment in fish habitat or partnerships with transit to increase efficiency in vehicles. Hydro president and CEO Bob Elton formally outlined the Crown corporation's goals in a speech to the Vancouver Board of Trade. BC Hydro's goals for the next 20 years include key cornerstones around reliability, customers, and employees. They will be included in this year's service plan, and many will also be put forward for public discussion as part of the Integrated Electricity Planning stakeholder engagement process to be launched shortly. BC Energy and Mines Minister Richard Neufeld commended BC Hydro "for being the first energy company of its kind to make such an environmental commitment." He pointed out that "currently over 90% of BC Hydro's generation comes from clean sources; this objective will ensure that BC Hydro continues to be one of the cleanest energy companies in the world."
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