January 3, 2005

CEC requests response to claim that Quebec is failing to enforce environmental laws

MONTREAL, QUE-The Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Co-operation (CEC) has asked the Canadian government to respond to the submission filed this fall by the Association quÈbÈcoise de lutte contre la pollution atmosphÈrique (AQLPA). In its submission (SEM-04-007/Quebec Automobiles), the group alleged that Canada, and more specifically the province of Quebec, is failing to enforce effectively sections 96.1 and 96.2 of Quebec's Regulation Respecting the Quality of the Atmosphere and articles 19.1, 20 and 51 of the Quebec Environment Quality Act relating to emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides from post-1985 light vehicle models (ELW October 18-25, 2004). In accordance with Article 14(3) of the North American Agreement on Environmental Co-operation (NAAEC), Canada has up to 60 days to provide its response. The Secretariat will then review the submission in light of Canada's response to determine whether a factual record should be developed. More information is available from the CEC, 514/350-4300, FAX 514/350-4314, E-mail info@cec.org, Web site www.cec.org (click on the Citizen Submissions on Enforcement Matters page).
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