November 22, 2004

OEE unveils aid for industrial motor selection

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)'s Office of Energy Efficiency has developed a computer-based aid to help Canadian industries select the most energy-efficient motors for their individual needs. CanMOST, the Canadian Motor Selection Tool, allows users to compare operating costs of various motors and assess reductions in energy consumption, electricity costs and GHG emissions associated with purchasing and operating more energy-efficient industrial motors. This, in turn, will help boost their competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, says the OEE. CanMOST can be downloaded at no cost from the OEE Web site,

CanMOST is designed to support utility auditors, energy consultants and industrial end-users in developing plans and actions to manage energy consumption and improve motor efficiency. It features 43,000 European and North American motors, a bilingual user interface and the ability to translate energy savings into GHG reductions.

The on-line tool can also calculate energy and dollar savings from different high-efficiency motors in three specific scenarios: making a new purchase; comparing the cost of repairing versus replacing a motor; and replacing an inefficient existing motor before the end of its useful life.

The OEE says industrial induction motors account for 10 to 20% of Canada's electricity consumption. Even modest efficiency gains can substantially reduce electricity usage and GHG emissions across Canada, and produce significant cost savings. Although energy-efficient motors can be more expensive to purchase than conventional motors, buyers often quickly recoup price differences in savings in energy and operating costs.

CanMOST was developed as part of the OEE's EnerGuide for Industry (EGI), an initiative created to provide on-line information and tools to help Canadian businesses choose more energy-efficient off-the-shelf equipment. Development assistance was provided by BC Hydro, Manitoba Hydro and Hydro-QuÈbec, which provided beta testing and translation services. The three provincial utilities will be actively promoting CanMOST by distributing the software through their Web sites.

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