October 4, 2004

Green Municipal Fund supports water, sewage treatment systems in three Nfld communities

GANDER, NFLD-The Green Municipal Investment Fund (GMIF), administered on behalf of the federal government by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' (FCM), is providing over $2.5 million for water and sewage treatment systems in three Newfoundland communities. The funding includes a $2-million GMIF loan for the town of Gander's new water treatment facility, plus a $100,000 grant and a $403,000 loan toward the development of wetland sewage treatment systems for the towns of Glenwood and Appleton, respectively. Gander Mayor Claude Elliot noted that "the new water treatment project will deliver clean, clear drinking water to the residents of Gander. It will employ a filtration and ozone oxidation process, which will remove organics from the water supply without the need to use as many chemicals as other systems." Glenwood Mayor Janet Shaw and Appleton Mayor Derm Flynn said, "We needed to build a single engineered wetland sewage treatment system to replace our individual lagoon systems, which are operating beyond capacity and failing to meet provincial effluent standards. It is estimated that the new system will result in 130,000 kilowatt-hours less electricity, for an annual saving of $9,000 in energy costs and an associated reduction of 33 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year."
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