October 4, 2004

Echo Bay Milling convicted of violating C of A terms for sawmill operation

SAULT STE MARIE, ONT-Fines totalling $10,000 were imposed on Echo Bay Milling following conviction on two charges of violating conditions set out in the certificate of approval (C of A) for the company's small sawmill operation in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. The court was told that Echo Bay Milling had operated two specific pieces of machinery simultaneously, which was explicitly prohibited under the facility's C of A. In addition, the company was required to submit an acoustic audit to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) within three months after receiving its certificate of approval, but did not do so until two months past the stipulated deadline. By failing to comply with these two conditions of its C of A, Echo Bay Milling violated section 186(3) under Ontario's Environmental Protection Act. The company was fined $4,000 for inappropriate operation of the machinery and $6,000 for the overdue audit. In assessing the sentence for these offences, the court took into account that the mill was destroyed by fire earlier this year and is no longer in operation.
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