October 11, 2004

CFL campaign asks Canadians to "Change a light, change your world"

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), in collaboration with utilities, manufacturers and retailers, is asking Canadians to "Change a light, change your world" as a way of meeting their commitment to Canada's One-Tonne Challenge. The goal of the month-long "Switch and Save" campaign is to persuade every household in Canada to replace at least two incandescent light bulbs with Energy Star(r)-qualified compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).

Even if they replaced only one incandescent bulb per household, Canadians could save more than $73 million in energy costs each year. That would reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by close to 397,000 tonnes - the equivalent of taking 66,000 cars off the road.

Energy Star-qualified CFLs can last up to ten times longer and use up to 75% less energy than comparable incandescent bulbs. Modern CFLs are now available in a wide range of sizes, colours, styles, wattages and brightnesses for indoor and outdoor use.

NRCan's Office of Energy Efficiency is co-ordinating the campaign, the latest in a series of public/private sector initiatives by the federal government to promote energy efficiency. During the campaign, which runs from September 25 to October 26, 2004, many electric utilities across Canada will be promoting the benefits of compact fluorescents, and manufacturers and retailers will put on special promotions and provide point-of-sale displays and product demonstrations, some of them featuring NRCan's "Switch" mascot.

The collaborative group of stakeholders includes industry leaders such as GE Lighting, Panasonic, Osram Sylvania and Phillips Lighting, and Gen2 Lighting. Major retailers involved include Kent Building Supplies, Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Depot, Home Hardware, HomeWorks, Loblaws, RÈno-DÈpot and Rona. This initiative is also supported by major electrical utilities across Canada, provincial energy authorities and organizations such as the New Brunswick Lung Association.

"This campaign proves that simple changes in our everyday lives can add up to substantial savings - both in costs and in energy," said NRCan Minister John Efford. "Concerted efforts like this will help us meet our climate change objectives and the One-Tonne Challenge goal of reducing Canadians' individual greenhouse gas emissions by 20%."

More information on the Switch and Save campaign is available on the Energy Star Web site, www.energystar.gc.ca.

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