September 13-20, 2004

Zenon facility in Hungary to supply specialized military drinking water units

Zenon Environmental's Hungarian plant has received an order valued at approximately $11 million (Cdn) to supply specialized drinking water units for the Hungarian military. The order, to be fulfilled over the next two years, reinforces the military's confidence in the company's systems to protect its troops from water contamination.

Hungary's military has been using Zenon's military drinking water units since 1998, including the Mini ROWPU (manually transportable Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit) and the ADROWPU (Advanced Double Pass Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit). Both systems use the company's proprietary ZeeWeed membranes which work as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis (RO) membranes. The combination of ZeeWeed and RO membranes is ideally suited for virtually any type of field deployment because it completely removes suspended and dissolved solids, including salts, metals and nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) agents.

Since joining NATO in 1999, Hungary's ground forces have used Zenon's military units in places such as Kosovo, where its military formed part of the International Peace Implementation Force. Their satisfaction with the systems resulted in a breakthrough order for the company's Hungarian plant to supply additional ADROWPUs, Mini-ROWPUs and water bagging machines.

The ADROWPU is a fully automated unit with a self-contained power supply, control and ancillary equipment. It produces up to 31,700 gallons (120 cubic metres) of drinking water per day. The system is designed for use in temperate, desert, tropical and arctic conditions.

The Mini-ROWPU is a more modular, lightweight system, easily transportable and set up by two people while requiring only a single operator. The unit is designed for use and maintenance in severe environments, requiring no process chemicals or additives. While more compact in size than the ADROWPU, the Mini-ROWPU produces up to 3,170 gallons (12,000 litres) of drinking water per day.

"When military forces are sent on a mission, peacekeeping or humanitarian relief, the availability of safe, pure water is paramount to their survival and to the success of their operation," said Zenon chairman and CEO Andrew Benedek. "Our units have already been proven in the field in places like Cambodia, Haiti, Honduras, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Qatar, Somalia and Rwanda."

Hungary joins Canada, the United States and Mexico in the deployment of these units for various emergency, humanitarian and peacekeeping missions.

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