September 13-20, 2004

Test-to-own scheme yields first fleet orders for Hy-Drive cleaner engine system

Hy-Drive Technologies reports that its recently launched test-to-own program for its patented Hy-Drive(tm) Hydrogen Generating System (HGS) has resulted in the first round of fleet orders. The program is designed to meet the needs of the truck and commercial bus transportation industries.

Fleet operators Glenn Windrem Trucking of Peterborough, Ont, and Luchka Float Services of Port Perry, Ont, along with Winslow Gerolamy Motors, a Peterborough truck service centre and dealer for International Trucks, have placed orders for Hy-Drive HGS units.

The Hy-Drive HGS generates and injects small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine, creating an enriched air mixture and a more complete and faster burn of the air-fuel mixture. Based on testing trials to date, the Hy-Drive has shown significant performance enhancements on a wide variety of internal combustion engines, including substanctial fuel savings, and noticeably improved horsepower. The system has also been shown to result in a cleaner-burning engine requiring less maintenance, and substantial reductions of harmful emissions, including; carbon monoxide, particulate matter and nitrous oxide.

Windrem installed a test Hy-Drive HGS unit on a 1997 Ford L9000 powered by a Caterpillar 435-hp engine hauling a tri-axle with a tri-axle pony. This truck was the "dog" of the fleet, using the most fuel, said fleet owner Glenn Windrem, but the Hy-Drive system produced estimated savings of 125-150 litres per day.

"Not only did the Hy-Drive unit more than pay for itself, but performance-wise it has turned my worst truck into my best truck of the fleet," he noted.

Windrem employs about 50 owner/operators, many of whom, after seeing the results, have placed individual orders for their vehicles.

Luchka Float Services, with a fleet of 22 tractors all hauling aggregate, tested a Hy-Drive HGS unit on a 1989 Mack with a 425-hp Caterpillar engine pulling a single tri-axle.

"While the savings have been great and more than compensate for the monthly cost of the HGS unit," said fleet owner Danny Luchka, "it's the added pulling power I'm interested in. No longer do we have to downshift as much, nor do we get stuck slowing down the right lane on the bigger hills, as we used to do hauling our typical loads," which are in the 55,000 kg (120,000 lb) range.

After seeing the results achieved on Windrem's test unit, Winslow Gerolamy Motors, the International dealer in Peterborough, ordered a Hy-Drive HGS unit for use on a 2005 International 9900 powered by an ISX Cummins 475. Additional future orders are anticipated.

More information is available from Hy-Drive president Tom Brown, 905/542-3024, E-mail

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