September 13-20, 2004

Two new contracts show versatility of Hydrogenics' fuel cell systems

Hydrogenics, a Toronto-based designer and manufacturer of hydrogen and fuel cell systems, has been awarded a contract by Toro to supply a HyPM fuel cell power module for integration into the latter company's development work in grounds maintenance equipment. This contract is part of Toro's continuing alternative energy research and development initiative for turf care equipment. Established in 1914, Toro was the first to manufacture cutting-edge products in the golf, sports and grounds, landscape, agriculture and consumer markets. Hydrogenics president and CEO Pierre Rivard said Toro's interest in hydrogen and fuel cell technology "continues to validate Hydrogenics' early market approach that focuses on off-road and niche market applications."

In its second contract announcement in a week, Hydrogenics said it will supply a 65-kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell power module to the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center (FCTec), operated by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). CTC will integrate the power module into an aircraft tow tractor to be used in fuel cell demonstrations at selected U.S. air force bases and civil airports. The fuel cell system will be delivered in December 2004.

Considered one of the largest sources of localized air pollution, airports have been targeted for specific pollution reduction measures supported by the U.S. Hydrogen Initiative and Clean Air Act. Demonstration projects of this type allow the fuel cell and aviation industry to explore such measures and expand their operational knowledge of fuel cell systems as it relates to their full range of capabilities and performance expectations.

In undertaking the project, CTC will monitor and report on the operating and maintenance parameters of the aircraft tow vehicle, using FCTec resources for the fuel cell power plant performance characterization. For instance, the Aircraft Tow Vehicle will provide the platform to study the use of fuel cells for different applications including mobility power and auxiliary power. The project will also investigate possible interconnection with existing power systems with a view to potentially offsetting utility grid requirements at commercial airport installations.

"This contract is significant because it further demonstrates that Hydrogenics' fuel cell technology can be used in a wide variety of vehicle applications," said company president Rivard. " Hydrogenics has secured some interesting patents around vehicle-to-grid power distribution and this contract represents an excellent opportunity to showcase the off-board power capabilities as a key attribute of fuel cells," he added.

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