August 30, 2004

Kruger proposes wind power project for western Nfld

ST JOHN'S, NFLD/LAB-Kruger has registered a wind power project proposal under Part 10 Environmental Assessment of Newfoundland and Labrador's Environmental Protection Act. The company is proposing to construct and operate a 40 megawatt (MW) wind farm at The Arches and Flat Hills, located between the towns of Parson's Pond and Portland Creek, on western Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula. The proposed project calls for the installation of 26 wind turbine generators, ten of them at The Arches and 16 at Flat Hills. Each unit will have an electrical power generation capacity of approximately 1.5 MW. The wind turbines will have a rotor diameter of 80 metres and will be installed on 80-metre-high towers. Power from the project will be connected to the grid as per Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro's request for proposals. Public comments on the proposal are being accepted until September 22, 2004, with a decision by the Environment Minister's due on October 1, 2004.
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