August 30, 2004

CNE Green Day showcases Toronto's first hydrogen refueling station

A highlight of the Green Day, August 24 at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), was the unveiling of Hydrogenics' Hylyzer(tm) hydrogen refueler at Exhibition Place. The unit, which is Toronto's first public hydrogen refueling station, is the first of four Hydrogenics projects which will form part of the city's Hydrogen Village.

The company also announced that it has received a $4.25-million strategic investment from the federal government's Hydrogen Early Adopters (h2EA) program. This support will help Hydrogenics, as the leader of a consortium of partners, set up the four projects, valued at a total of more than $10 million.

During the CNE the Hylyzer refueler will use electricity generated by Toronto's wind turbine, also located at Exhibition Place, to produce clean hydrogen. The station will be capable of producing approximately 65 kg of hydrogen per day, an amount sufficient to fuel up to 20 vehicles per day. The hydrogen will be used to refuel various fuel cell-powered demonstration vehicles at the event, all powered by Hydrogenics' fuel cell power module technology. The vehicles on site include a forklift, a John Deere commercial work vehicle, and a GEM(tm) "neighborhood" vehicle. Participants in this project include Exhibition Place, the City of Toronto, and Toronto Renewable Energy Corporation.

Other projects over the next two years include demonstrations of: four fuel cell-powered utility work vehicles (in two phases during 2004 and 2005); a hydrogen fuel cell power module as a back-up power generator; and demonstrate a hybrid fuel cell delivery vehicle in a commercial fleet application.

More information is available on Hydrogenics' Web site,

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