July 26, 2004

Waste handler fined $3K for illegal site operation, non-compliance with order

CAYUGA, ONT-1515463 Ontario Ltd and David Alder were fined a total of $3,000, plus a 25% victim fine surcharge, for operating a waste management system without Ministry of Environment (MOE) approval and failing to meet the requirements of a provincial officer order. 1515463 Ontario Ltd and Alder, the company's sole officer, operate a scrap yard and used tire facility in the town of Dunnville. An inspection by MOE staff in August and September 2002 revealed that Alder and his company were operating a waste management system without approval. The MOE issued both parties a provincial officer order requiring them to retain a qualified professional to assess the waste on site and submit a compliance report to the Ministry. These two requirements were not met, which constituted two violations of Section 186(2) under the Environmental Protection Act. A third charge of handling and storing waste without a certificate of approval, in contravention of Section 41 of the Act, was laid as well. Alder pleaded guilty to three charges and was charged $1,000 per charge. The company also pleaded guilty and received a suspended sentence on all three charges.
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