August 30, 2004

Link to AR helps CRESTech address brownfield issues

aboutREMEDIATION (AR) has embarked on a new partnership with CRESTech, a division of the Ontario Centres of Excellence. The initiative will help CRESTech address brownfield redevelopment, a key component of its Sustainable Infrastructure Innovation cluster. Working with its clients and partners through collaborative research and development (R&D) investments, CRESTech will address brownfield redevelopment issues. In so doing, it will help provide a competitive advantage to its clients, who are innovative Ontario firms.

"Working with aboutREMEDIATION will allow CRESTech to showcase research and demonstration activity, as well as access business opportunities and contacts through the Canadian Brownfields Network," says CRESTech managing director Stephen Moran.

CRESTech's Sustainable Infrastructure cluster seeks to enhance Ontario's capacity to create and support the implementation of integrated systemic solutions to some of the key infrastructure challenges faced by urban areas. In the Centres of Excellence context, a "cluster" includes the firms and organizations collectively offering products and services focused on areas of significant economic and societal concern. Suppliers of civil infrastructure systems are at the centre of the Sustainable Infrastructure cluster, with providers of equipment, supplies and services to these core organizations forming another element of the cluster. A third component of the cluster is government agencies at all levels (particularly municipal) that support and regulate the activities of the cluster.

R&D is an important part of CRESTech's commitment to highlighting new ideas and developments and promoting the commercialization of technologies and their associated companies and organizations.

"CRESTech is well aware that our national infrastructure debt now totals almost $60 billion and we believe that we can have a substantial impact on Ontario's economy through the development of the Sustainable Infrastructure Innovation Cluster," notes Moran.

AR is the on-line source that promotes urban sustainability and brownfields redevelopment. Operated by OCETA in partnership with EcoLog Information Resources Group, AR collaborates with industry leaders who are dedicated to increasing public awareness and accelerating brownfields redevelopment and site remediation across Canada. The Canadian Brownfields Network's goal is to accelerate community regeneration across Canada.

More information is available from Stephen Moran at CRESTech, 416/665-5425, E-mail, or Tammy Lomas-Jylh¿ at aboutREMEDIATION, 905/822-4133, ext 234, E-mail

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