August 23, 2004

Enwave marks official launch of Deep Lake Water Cooling System

Enwave District Energy's Deep Lake Water Cooling (DLWC) system is now cooling the core of Toronto. The largest renewable lake source cooling system of its kind was officially launched last week at a ceremony held at the Steam Whistle Brewing plant, one of Enwave's several cooling customers in downtown Toronto.

"This is truly the energy of the future - and it's available today," said Enwave president Dennis Fotinos. "It offers so many benefits to businesses, developers, public sector buildings, the environment and the City of Toronto. It's clean, renewable, reliable energy. Compared to traditional air-conditioning, Deep Lake Water Cooling reduces electricity use by 75% and will eliminate 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of taking 8,000 cars off of the streets of Toronto."

At the same time, a $10-million investment in the DLWC system from the Green Municipal Investment Fund was announced by Joe Volpe, the federal Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development, on behalf of Natural Resources Canada Minister John Efford, and Guelph councillor Gloria Kovach, who is also second vice-president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' (FCM) national board of directors. The FCM administers the fund on behalf of the federal government.

The lake water serves dual purposes as drinking water for Toronto and as a source of naturally cool energy. Enwave draws water from a permanent, renewable level of icy-cold water (4*C) 83 metres below the surface of Lake Ontario. Through an innovative heat transfer process at the City's John St. Pumping Station, cold energy from the lake water - but not the actual water itself - is used to air condition major buildings in Toronto's downtown core. The DLWC project will produce enough air conditioning to cool 20 million square feet of office space.

"The launch of Enwave's Deep Lake Water Cooling System is a "first" not only for Canada, but also for North America," said Kovach. "This project will lay out an important roadmap with lessons learned for other municipalities to draw upon in the future. By emphasizing a sustainable technology solution, it will advance the economic, environmental and social well-being of Enwave's downtown Toronto customers."

Toronto-based Enwave is a private corporation co-owned by the City of Toronto and the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS). Enwave provides energy through leading-edge, sustainable solutions created to deliver a tangible difference. Enwave's current customer base of 130 buildings in Toronto's core include such high profile buildings as the Air Canada Centre, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Royal Bank Plaza, TD Centre and Steam Whistle Brewing.

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