July 5-12, 2004

Windsor names Trojan as supplier for major treatment plant upgrade

WINDSOR, ONT-Windsor, Ontario has pre-selected Trojan Technologies to supply ultraviolet (UV) wastewater treatment equipment for the upgrading and expansion of the Lou Romano Water Reclamation Plant on the city's west side. Trojan will supply between $3.1 million and $4.3 million worth of UV equipment, depending on the final design of the project. The facility, which discharges into the Detroit River, is believed to be the largest primary treatment plant discharging into the Great Lakes basin. It has an average wastewater flow of 218,000 cubic metres (48 million gallons) per day. The expansion will enable a doubling of the plant's treatment capacity, to 436,000 m3 (96 million gallons) per day. The Detroit River Canadian Cleanup Committee, a community-based organization working to improve the health of the Detroit River, recommended the treatment upgrade to local officials some time ago. The city is adding secondary treatment capability to produce cleaner effluent. The Lou Romano plant has completed pilot studies to test various water treatment processes, including UV technology. The city is replacing chlorination with UV disinfection because it considers the use of chlorine to be a community liability. Trojan's UV technology has been operating successfully at Windsor's Little River pollution control plant since it was first installed in 1989.
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