July 5-12, 2004

EBR Registry (July 12, 2004)


2nd set of Blue Box program enhancements

Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) has issued for public comment the second set of proposed new measures and enhancements to its Blue Box program plan, as required under the Waste Diversion Act, 2002. This includes: policies and practices to lead to at least 60% diversion of all Blue Box wastes by 2008 through reduction, re-use or recycling; target percentages for each Blue Box material to be diverted annually in the program; and policies and practices to ensure that the proposed material diversion targets are met, including benchmark targets for municipal diversion rates.

Comments are due by July 23, 2004. (Registry reference No RA04E0006)


SynFuels facility designated under EA Act

On the recommendation of the Minister of Environment, the Ontario Cabinet has approved Ontario Regulation 196/04, making the proposed SynFuels petroleum coke electricity generating facility subject to the requirements of the provincial Environmental Assessment Act. The regulation will require the proposed project to undergo an environmental assessment (EA), including submission and ministerial approval for terms of reference for the preparation of an EA for the undertaking, followed by preparation of an EA document which will proceed through the review and approval process set out in the act.

SynFuel Technologies is proposing to build a 199-megawatt (MW) power plant in Thunder Bay, to be fuelled by synthetic gas (syngas) produced through gasification of petroleum coke. The petroleum coke for the process would be shipped from Alberta in covered railcars.

The EA Act provides for a proponent to volunteer to be designated under the act by entering into a written agreement with the Minister; this option was offered to SynFuel Technologies, which declined.

The proposal to designate the SynFuel Technologies facility by regulation under the EA Act received 847 comments, more than 600 of which supported the designation. Concerns expressed dealt with air and water quality impacts associated with the proposal, health effects, nuisance effects during construction, fuel handling and storage, off-property disposal of waste; and potential impacts on wildlife and fisheries. (Registry reference No RA04E0002)

Conditions set on C of A amendment

Canadian Waste Services has received approval for an amendment to the certificate of approval (C of A) for its Warwick landfill in southwestern Ontario. The amendment will permit monofilling of contaminated soil in two of the landfill cells in lieu of municipal solid waste. In response to comments on the application, the company must notify the Ministry of Environment if any soil sample fails to meet criteria set out in the C of A. (Registry reference No IA04E0398)

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