June 14, 2004

Treatment plant upgrade will produce Class A biosolids

NEW GLASGOW, NS, June 7 /CNW/ - The Pictou County District Planning Commission's East River Pollution Abatement System (ERPAS) will receive $1 million for a biosolids stabilization upgrade, in the form of a $500,000 grant and $500,000 loan from the Green Municipal Investment Fund (GMIF). New Glasgow mayor Ann MacLean, who is the newly-elected president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), said the upgrade "will be the first application of RDP alkaline stabilization technology in Atlantic Canada. In addition to reducing pathogens being applied to land and protecting the quality of our ground water, it will put us into a position of compliance with future regulatory obligations requiring a process that can produce Class A biosolids." The project includes a new building to house the RDP process equipment. The process uses time, temperature and high pH to destroy pathogens. Patented equipment and controls used in the process include the ThermoblenderTM, ThermofeederTM and Pasteurization Vessel. Although initially only 25% of the material from the proposed system will meet Class A standards, ERPAS intends eventually to produce 100% Class A product, which will require the development of outside markets to accept it. More information is available from Graham MacKinnon, ERPAS plant supervisor, Stellarton, NS, 902/752-0639, E-mail erp@ns.sympatico.ca.
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