June 21, 2004

Manitoba fund supports new climate change research, initiatives

Manitoba's Climate Change Action Fund is providing approximately $250,000 to support 11 new projects. The 2003-04 projects, announced by Energy, Science and Technology Minister Tim Sale, include a Commuter Challenge (held at the beginning of the month), research to measure the impact of climate change at the Arctic treeline in Churchill and a study to assess atmospheric changes on groundwater resources in the Assiniboine Delta aquifer.

Since 2001, the Climate Change Action Fund has provided approximately $1 million to support 48 projects focusing on public education and outreach, technological innovation, scientific research, energy efficiency and alternative energy sources. Among the new projects receiving grants are the following.

Manitoba Forestry Association: $25,000 to prepare for and host Canon Envirothon 2006, a five-day international Olympic-style environmental competition for high school students to be held in Manitoba in 2006. Climate change will be the special environmental topic.

Manitoba Eco-Network: $27,500 to host the Climate Change Connection (CCC), Manitoba's climate change public education and outreach hub, and continue to create awareness, empower Manitobans to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and help individuals make the changes necessary to live more sustainable and climate-friendly lifestyles.

Resource Conservation Manitoba - $25,000 to support promotion of alternative transportation at workplaces and schools in Manitoba and to build capacity and support trip reduction and transportation demand management in order to contribute toward year-round shifts in commuting choices from single occupant vehicles.

LGD of Pinawa: $38,500 to research and develop a plan for the proposed Pinawa greenhouse gas data management and research facility.

University of Manitoba, Department of Civil Engineering: $25,000 to improve the understanding of the effect of climate change on surface transportation systems in the Prairies and in the Canadian north, and to build capacity for developing appropriate adaptation strategies.

University of Winnipeg, Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research: $20,000 to co-ordinate climate change research efforts in Manitoba to ensure that duplications are minimized, available resources are used most effectively and strategic gaps are addressed relating to research expertise and areas with significant growth potential and impact on the public good.

Churchill Northern Studies Centre: $9,320 to conduct research on snowpack composition to quantify environmental changes resulting from climate change across the Arctic treeline and to educate the public on climate change issues.

University of Manitoba, Department of Civil Engineering: $25,000 to conduct a case study related to the effects of climate change on groundwater resources in the Assiniboine Delta aquifer.

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