June 28, 2004

BIOX to scale up biodiesel pilot plant

HAMILTON, ONT-Biox Corporation has announced plans to scale up its one-million-litre biodiesel pilot plant in Hamilton to a 60-million-litre-per-year facility. The Oakville, Ontario-based company has been "successfully producing ASTM standard biodiesel at our one-million-litre pilot plant from a variety of feedstocks for well over a year now and it is time to scale up to 60 million litres showcasing this unique Canadian technology," said BIOX president and CEO Tim Haig. When completed, the Hamilton facility will increase the North American supply of biodiesel by approximately 50%. The BIOX process converts a wide range of feedstocks, including vegetable oils, agricultural seed oils, waste animal fats, greases and recycled cooking oils into ASTM D6751 and/or EN 14214-grade biodiesel fuel at ambient temperatures and cost-effectively, relative to petroleum-based diesel. More information is available from BIOX at 905/337-4970, FAX 905/337-4999, Web site www.bioxcorp.com.
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