May 24, 2004

Top Gun to sell, distribute Wavefront technology to oil and gas sector

EDMONTON, ALTA-Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services has entered into a non-exclusive sales and distribution agreement with Top Gun Sand Pumps & Rentals, another Alberta firm. Top Gun will market Wavefront's Pressure Pulsing Technology (PPT) to heavy oil production companies in the areas of chemical placement, continuous pulse pumping, and improved injectivity during waterfloods and for disposal wells. The Top Gun agreement will also give Wavefront a presence in Alberta's heavy oil regional markets. The company notes that with the vast number of wells operating in Alberta, the agreement represents a significant opportunity to further the implementation of PPT. Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) statistics indicate that as of December 2003, there were 9,629 heavy oil wells operating in Alberta, along with 4,682 water injection wells for secondary oil recovery and 1,288 disposal wells. Producing wells commonly require periodic servicing due to mechanical or reservoir troubles associated with the production process. The frequency of well servicing may range from several months to a couple of years. Wavefront believes the application of PPT will change the way that oil production and improved oil recovery are viewed, planned and executed. More information is available from Wavefront CFO D Brad Paterson, 780/486-2222, ext 224, E-mail
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