April 26, 2004

ETV certification opens new markets for 11 Canadian firms

Eleven Canadian companies were recognized at the Globe 2004 Trade Fair and Conference in Vancouver for their innovation and successful completion of Canada's voluntary Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Program. Federal Environment Minister David Anderson made the presentations at the ETV Certificate Ceremony during Globe 2004 in Vancouver.

The companies included Global Earth Products, Thordon Bearings, Ecotechnos, Canadian Light Source, Dynamic Cooling Tower Treatment, Droycon Bioconcepts, Nelson Environmental Remediation, Environmental Solutions Worldwide, Trans-Cycle Industries, CanDetec and Greenhouse Gas Separation Systems. The technologies they represent will address several key environmental concerns including improved water quality, a reduction of greenhouse gases and improved soil quality.

For example, Droycon Bioconcepts, in Regina, has developed a series of biological activity reaction tests (BARTs) for soil and water contaminants. Its ETV-certified IRB-BART(tm) and SRB-BART(tm) use test vials modified by the insertion of a floating ball and a dried pellet of selective chemicals documented as being able to induce the growth of iron-related and sulfate-reducing bacteria, respectively. More information is available from company president Dr D Roy Cullimore, 306/585-1762, FAX 306/585-3000, Web site www.DBI.ca.

Environmental Solutions Worldwide, in Woodbridge, Ont has certified its Quiet Cat(tm) Particulate Reactor(tm). Designed for use on small compression ignition engines such as small generators and construction equipment, the technology has been verified capable of reducing particulate matter (PM10) mass emissions "by at least 60% by weighted average, when installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications on diesel fueled compression ignition engines operating at constant speed." More information is available from David Johnson at ESW, 905/850-9970, FAX 905/850-9925, E-mail sales@cleanerfuture.com, Web site www.cleanerfuture.com.

Global Earth Products, in Utopia, Ont received ETV certification for its Marvel(r) Liquid Manure Composter System. The program confirmed the technology's ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 64% and yield a high-quality hygienic compost product. More information is available from Thomas Smith, 705/726-1339, FAX 705/721-4091, E-mail globalearthproducts@sympatico.ca.

Established by Environment Canada and Industry Canada in 1997, the ETV program accelerates the introduction and application of innovative technologies to address environmental priorities by assuring users that the technology will perform as promised. To date, 47 Canadian ETV certificates have been awarded to companies across Canada.

Over the past seven years, the ETV program has successfully gained greater recognition both domestically and internationally. For example, the value of Environmental Solutions Worldwide's stock rose sharply followingthe announcement that one of the firm's technologies had acquired ETV validation.

More information is available on the ETV Web site, www.etvcanada.com or from Chris Shrive at ETV Canada, 905/336-4547, or Ray Klicius of Environment Canada's ETV program, 819/953-8717.

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