April 12, 2004

NB proposes revisions to Clean Water Act

FREDERICTON, NB-Proposed amendments to New Brunswick's Clean Water Act will authorize municipal employees to issue exemptions from the Wellfield Protected Area Designation Order. The provisions will enable the Minister of Environment and Local Government to give written authorization to municipal employees to grant or deny exemptions from the order. The Minister will be required to stipulate in the written authorization any conditions, limitations or requirements deemed appropriate, and the delegated municipal employee will be required to exercise the authority in accordance with the terms and conditions of the written authorization. The Designation Order lists land use activities which are either allowed or restricted at varying distances from production wells within designated wellfields. "The changes will help streamline the application of the order at the local level," said Environment and Local Government Minister Brenda Fowlie. "Delegating municipal employees with the authority to issue exemptions will speed up the process of exemption applications, thus improving adminstrative efficiency," she added.
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