April 12, 2004

Ontario to discuss joint federal-provincial action on climate change

VANCOUVER, BC-At the Globe 2004 international trade fair and conference, Ontario Environment Minister Leona Dombrowsky said the provincial government will enter into official discussions with the federal government on jointly addressing the challenge of climate change. "We are ready to work together with the federal government to help meet Canada's Kyoto commitments," said the Minister, who met with her federal counterpart David Anderson during Globe 2004 to discuss the issue. Following further discussion, the details of Ontario's co-operation with the federal government will be outlined in an official Memorandum of Understanding.

"I am delighted that the government of Ontario wants to be a full player on climate change and conclude a Memorandum of Understanding on climate change action," Anderson said. "As these discussions progress, I look forward to working with Ontario to develop, among other actions, a full set of options for a comprehensive electricity strategy that includes aggressive energy conservation measures and substantial use of renewable energy. Such a strategy will ensure a modern and forward-looking electricity system for the 21st century while achieving our climate change and air quality goals," he added.

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